CEO Mike Lawrence BSc HONS

Mike is also the Microsoft C# MVC full stack website developer for Saint Johns Church in Walsall since Jan 2019. He takes great pride in providing his voluntary highly valuable technical skills, and is only an email away when required.

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Microsoft Websites and Bespoke Software

Here at Csharpmike we offer our customers a wide variety of Microsoft full stack software packages to choose from to help your business grow quickly.

All software packages come with a one year warranty, own company Domain Name and Email Addresses, unlimited website size, 1GB MSSQL Database, and fast hosting speeds for one year.

Our Web Hosting packages available are:

  1. Basic hosting,
  2. Advance hosting, and
  3. Premium hosting.

Information about our Microsoft C# full stack Websites and software available are:

  1. MVC5 & Entity Framework 6
  2. MVC Web APIs
  3. MVC Web Services and Stored Procedures
  4. C Sharp ASP.Net
  5. JavaScript pop ups
  6. Visual Basic ASP.Net

© Csharpmike, 2020 all rights reserved.