Tangible Results

Using Web Technology offers business the medium from which to effectively re-imagine the manner in which it desires to communicate.

The Internet has revolutionised how we engage and interact with each other as well as how we access information and data.

Hardware has become an enabler offering an ‘anywhere’ and ‘anytime’ mentality complimenting and encouraging the growth of software to satisfy the ever-increasing consumer appetite.

At Csharpmike Ltd we understand technology and move to continually harness its potential through the development of logical and intelligent software. As the architects of all our systems our team is able to innovate continually pushing boundaries and actively seeking out new application for new ideas. This approach benefits our clients immediately from the first workshop or brainstorming session with fresh thinking and real-world application.

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As business grows so do the challenges with managing and defining improvements to daily tasks performed. Streamlining internal processes stimulates greater efficiency, provides reductions in time and improvements in quality and output.

At Csharpmike Ltd we understand the importance of workflow automation and we focus on involving those individuals performing the activities with the aim of empowering them for the betterment of the organisation.

Developing automated workflow solutions reduces the burden on staff resourcing where tasks, information or documents are passed from one individual to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules. Organisations use workflows to coordinate tasks between individuals and synchronize data between systems, with the goal of improving organisational efficiency, responsiveness and profitability.

Our workflow improvements automate the flow of employee tasks and activities, reducing the time the process took to complete as well as potential errors caused by human interaction. These workflows make processes more efficient, complaint, agile, and visible by ensuring that every process step is explicitly defined, monitored over time, and optimized for maximum productivity. Given optimal, up to date minute process data, managers and employees can take quicker action and make smarter decisions. Our improvements to workflows empower business users and Information Technology to work together to rapidly modify systems and processes to reflect changes in the business.

Our application of workflow technology accounts for mobile computing, systems management multi databases using internet application development, object technology, operating systems, and transaction management.

Using workflows Csharpmike Ltd is able to describe business process tasks at a conceptual level necessary for understanding, evaluating, and redesigning the business process and through this apply to the development of a client project.

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Csharpmike Ltd provides a full range of integration services where there is a need to involve differing applications and data sources to ensure seamless data interchange and integration of business rules.

We are able to communicate with existing legacy platforms and apply business workflow logic for enterprise mobility.

Successful application integration with often disparate systems enables business to continue to manage data effectively and we achieve this by using our systems architects and developers to create:

  • Custom API Integration
  • Custom middleware development
  • Custom database connector development
  • Customisation of existing applications to enable integration
At Csharpmike Ltd we have years of experience integrating cloud software within a centralised and secure location removing unnecessary processes and securing your data saving time and resource. If you have a project which involves software integration "get in touch" to allow us to discuss your requirements further.

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Improve Data Validity

Our objective at Csharpmike Ltd is to reduce ineffective routine operations, assist in the verification of data validity and consistency across data warehouse applications and geographical locations through:

  • A process of consultation and analysis we are able to map out the data landscape and provide a clear understanding of the effort (and therefore costs) associated.
  • Centralised integration as part of a development process ensures that both databases and applications are sync.
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